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LTplus AI-Architecture  LiveDemo & Tutorial - Freeware (60 MB)

  • Fileformat: EXE or ZIP
  • including the presentation of all program-functions
  • explore what you can do with LTplus AI-Architecture
  • Videostandard 1 frame per sec - no sound

0.- EUR


LTplus AI-Architecture TrialVersion - English Version (90 MB)

  • 30-Day-Trial/TestDrive-Version             
  • With this Trial/Test-Version you can check your IntelliCAD's AutoCAD-
    Compatibility and test the LTplus-Functions with your IntelliCAD-Version.
    For example try
    ProgeSMART! because it's still free for home, private
    and non-commercial usage...

0.- EUR


LTplus Google SketchUP  DXF - PlugIN - V. 11.0 EN

  • DXF/3DS/VRML/STL-Plugin for the free Google-3D-Modeller V 5-8 only, this
    means: it is not running on Trimble's restricted SketchUP "Make" License '12/13
  • An unrestricted Version of Google's sketchUP V8 you can still get here and here
  • The extended actual german LTplus Google sketchUP V8 plugIN you can find here

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LTplus Hints to IntelliCAD-Versions and AI-Architecture

  • In this updated ReadMe.txt, you will find actual hints to the tested
  • Look at the following page to find out, if your IntelliCAD-Version is
    autocad-compatible enough, to use it with LTplus AI-Architecture :
    AutoCAD & IntelliCAD-Compatibility
  • Will be continued...





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Our programs are exclusively intended for use in professional, commercial or self-employed activities of building professionals such as Architects, civil engineers, drafters, designers . We therefore only supply companies in industry, commerce, trade and industry, public authorities, public institutions, as well as professionals and not consumers pursuant to 13 BGB. By placing an order, the buyer expressly declares that he is acting in the exercise of its commercial or self-employed professional activity ( 14 BGB).

1 License






790.- EUR

Buy now...

LTplus AI-Architecture for ProgeSMART!

  • Architecture-Application for ProgeSMART | metric architectural |
    2D & 3D Visualisation |
    3D Modelling & Presentation...
  • LTplus enhances ProgeSMART! with it's English Version for the use
    in architecture. We recommend
    ProgeSMART! because it's still free
    for home, private and non-commercial usage...

  • To use the LTplus AI-Architecture Application an additional IntelliCAD-
    Version is needed. We recommend ProgeSMART! because it's still
    free for home, private and non-commercial usage.
    If you own or prefer
    another IntelliCAD-Version
    you should check with our free Test-/Trial-
    above the AutoCAD-Compatibility of your IntelliCAD and test
    the LTplus-Functions with your IntelliCAD-Version before you buy it.
    You can find out here, if your IntelliCAD-Version has already been
    with LTplus and was compatible enough to use it with LTplus:
    Tested and released IntelliCAD-Versions & Compatibility...
  • 3D-Freeform-Modeller openFX, Boolean Operations, Shading,
    Render, Raytrace, Animations, Walkthrough, Presentation, ...

  • Standard : English - WesternEuropean - Metrical Units
  • Manual ( PDF ), Online-Help ( 200 p. ), Tutorial ( 20 videos )
  • Free ServiceReleases and email-Hotline ( english / german )
  • Backup-CD optional






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   AI architecture CAD Homepage




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